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Chin Implants

The chin is an overlooked facial feature that is often taken for granted by some people. However, it’s considered as a symbol of physical beauty throughout ages. Individuals who exhibit “weak” or receding chins may give an unbalanced facial appearance.

Chin implants is a plastic surgery procedure which aims to reshape the chin with a chin implant. Chin implant procedure can be performed in conjunction with a nose surgery. Also medically-known as mentoplasty, chin implants can help achieve improved facial proportion and minimize or enhance the size of the nose.

What can chin implants do for your appearance?

Chin augmentation is a facial plastic surgery procedure designed to create a stronger or wider chin and is performed with an implant placed over the bone of the lower jaw.

Chin implants are available in various shapes and sizes to help create a stronger, prominent chin or even lengthen the appearance of your face. Another option for chin implants which is more temporary is to use cosmetic injectable fillers.

Maxillofacial surgeons at Esteworld Medical Group can accomplish chin advancement and accentuation of jaw line with the application of custom-contoured chin implants. They employ their extensive training in maxillofacial and cosmetic surgery treatments to provide the most satisfying results for their patients.

What happens during chin implants surgery?

Prior to surgery, you will have x-rays taken of your face and chin. The doctor will use these x-rays to discover which part of the chin to work on. During a chin implant procedure, your plastic surgeon will place incisions on the inside of the mouth or underneath the chin though the skin.

The doctor will then create a pocket in front of the chin bone and under the muscles, where the implant will be placed inside. Your cosmetic surgeon will choose the most suitable type and size of implants depending on your particular need.

Chin augmentation is performed under general anaesthesia. Your plastic surgeon may use real bone or fat tissue, or an implant made out of silicone, Tefon, Dacron, or other advanced biological inserts. Suture are used to close the surgical cut.

When the cut is made inside the mouth, the scar can barely be seen. Chin augmentation takes between 1 and 3 hours. The incision is closed with dissolvable sutures, which limits the chances of getting infected.

Who qualifies for chin implants?

Ideal candidates for chin augmentation have a receding chin and a normal dental bite. Patients with a bite dysfunction can benefit from a jaw surgery, in conjunction with chin implants. Other treatments can also be accompanied with chin implants, such as nose surgery and facelift, to improve the overall facial appearance.

Recovering from chin implants

Following your chin implants surgery, a small skin tape is placed over the incision. You will experience some chin and lower jaw swelling but most chin implants patients will be back in public within 5 days. There may be some numbness to the area and lower lip may feel sore and stiff. This is temporary and will get better in time. The recovery period of chin implants is very rapid and uneventful. 72 hours after chin implants surgery, the majority of swelling will be resolved and you can return to work.

A decrease in lower lip sensation is temporary and normal sensation will return in 10-14 days. Within two weeks, the sutures will be dissolved and incisions will begin to disappear. Excellent hygiene regimen is essential during chin implants recovery period to avoid post-surgery complications.

You must use an antibiotic mouth rise (Peridex) and tooth-brushing three times per day. Your doctor will prescribe post-operative antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication after chin surgery.

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