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Facelift with Spiderweb

Get years off your face – without a cut of the knife. Regain your facial skin’s youth and tightness with the groundbreaking technique of facelift with spiderweb. Facelift with spiderweb can give you the gift of youth by eliminating sagging and wrinkles around the face.

What can facelift with spiderweb do for your facial appearance?

With this trailblazing, simple and non-invasive cosmetic technique, it is possible to get your facial skin livelier and looking 7-10 years younger within a short period of time.

Because there’s no healing process for this technique, unlike traditional facelift surgery, you can resume your daily routine and outdoor activities like swimming and sunbathing after the treatment.

What happens during a facelift with spiderweb treatment?

Using a modern technique known as “Threadlift,” also referred to as non-surgical skin lift, plastic surgeon delivers thin PDO (polydioxanone) threads under the skin using very fine needles.

These threads replace the thinning fibers (collagen and elastine) in sagging and loose parts of the facial skin. This way, the treatment can restore youthfulness to the facial skin without needing to go under the knife.

This procedure has no side effects, can be done with the simple application of anesthetic cream and causes no pain afterwards. The procedure takes 30 minutes on average and the threads dissolve within 6 to 8 months.

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